For our clients who prefer vehicle ownership, Hogan provides a wide array of guaranteed maintenance services to improve reliability and operating efficiency of company-owned fleets.  We work closely with client management in developing a tailored, customized service plan specific to the type, usage and engineering specs of their fleets. Using the same, stringent standards applied to Hogan-owned vehicles, our ASE-certified technicians provide the following guaranteed maintenance services:

We expect our technicians to be the best in the business. Their regular participation in professional training courses and re-certification classes assures proficiency with the latest enhancements in technology. Whether it’s your trucks or ours, the Hogan service professionals will keep your fleet up and running - safely, efficiently and cost-effectively.

"We have been working together for a long time and have a great relationship.  Hogan is always there for any service needs....takes care of issues and gets things done!  I would recommend Hogan to anyone!  We will do business with them as long as I am here."
-J. Ponce
Panera Bread

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If  your fleet contains well-worn components that still serve your transportation needs, Hogan can provide a tailored program specific to the needs of older equipment. Our PM+ program is designed to go beyond regular maintenance to specifically address the repair and parts replacement needs of aging units. You can rest assured that our ASE-certified technicians will provide the highest level of Hogan service - - and at pre-negotiated labor and parts rates that are very competitive. We’ll keep your older units up and running – for you and your clients.


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